The disABILITY Resource Center (dRC)

is a Center for Independent Living. (CIL) We are a community-based non-residential program of services. We are designed to assist people with disabilities to attain independent lives. In order to achieve independence, we strive to eliminate physical and attitudinal barriers in our community.

Individuals are supported in the creation of their own practical plan for independent and meaningful lives based on their priorities, goals, and needs.

Over fifty-one percent of the Board of Directors and staff at our Center for Independent Living are people with disabilities.

CRPD Treaty - Yes!

Check out Corbin Payne's (See Staff) News Sentinel article on the UN Convention on Rights of the Disabled! We need to let Congress know the US should sign on to this important world-wide UN document.

Disability Treaty Organization website USICD and a community of over 800 disability, veteran and allied organizations, and countless individuals, are committed to United States’ leadership in promoting the rights and dignity of all people with disabilities.

We believe the ratification of the CRPD will allow the U.S. to continue in our global leadership on disability rights. We therefore urge the Senate to continue the bipartisan tradition of supporting the disability community by uniting in support of ratification of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.